Oil Pan Steel or Alu?

Larry C Leung l.leung at juno.com
Tue May 1 18:07:30 EDT 2001

Take a magnet to it. If it sticks, break out the welding torch. If it
doesn't break out the MIG or TIG welder.


On Tue, 1 May 2001 16:09:56 -0400 "Alexander van Gerbig"
<Audi_80 at email.msn.com> writes:
>    Anyone know what the stock oil pan on a 2.0 4 cylinder is made of? 
> I
>say alu, but maybe steel?
>I want to have someone weld an AN bung onto the pan and I have found 
>weld on pieces, but if the pan is steel that could present a problem.
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