allroad demo - $800 over invoice

TheRingmeister at TheRingmeister at
Tue May 1 18:50:02 EDT 2001

just fyi,
we have our allroad demo priced at $800 over invoice. 
Personally, I think it will roll for less than that, but I'm only offering....
as were most of the early cars, it's highland green with the two tone fern green/desert grass interior.
Premium Package, Convenience Package, Tiptronic, 17" Twin-Spoke wheels, Bose Stereo, Sunroof.
Approx 900 miles....some of you saw it at VIR at the quattro club event.

MSRP is $47850,
invoice is 42680
OTD price $43480 + Taxes,tag,and fees.

_____ BTW, Audi owners can get $1200 off the purchase price, (rebate) or $1200 lease cap cost reduction from Audi thru 5/31/01, in addition to our low selling price! That's not often seen from Audi.  You can also get $1000 off an A6 2.7T, and $1200 off the A6 4.2 for that matter.______

That's a pretty sweet deal IMHO, and if i had the $ right now, you wouldn't be getting this message.

Wylie Bean
TheRingmeister at
Audi Brand Specialist
Flow Audi
Winston-Salem, NC

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