JT turbo moving fast, BOV location

Peter Berrevoets pjberr at home.com
Tue May 1 23:20:18 EDT 2001

You don't want a blow-off valve, you want a by-pass valve installed before
the intercooler.

Check out my install at the site below.


Peter Berrevoets
1990 200TQ
Toronto, Canada

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> >Hey everyone
> >Yesterday I got the fuel injection and intake manifold off
> >the car, today I got the exhaust manifold off and installed
> >the turbo exhaust manifold, turbo and downpipe. The downpipe
> >fits absolutely perfectly. Anyway, I am almost ready to put
> >it all back together to drive, and I am wondering if the
> >blow off valve should be before or after the intercooler and
> >why. So if anyone knows let me know and explain why.
> >Thanks a lot
> >Mike
> >PS I am gonna be running 10psi without a knock sensor, wish
> >me luck. At least I will have a light on the dash that will
> >flash when I get knock so I can back off the throttle.
> >
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