4kq dash speakers

Huw Powell audi at mediaone.net
Wed May 2 01:02:33 EDT 2001

> I popped out my dash speakers this evening (PITA) so that I can drop in some
> new ones.  As I had heard, these 3.5" factory speakers contain part of the
> mount and the grille seems like it's glued on.  I really didn't get a chance
> to look at holes in the dash (since I was losing light) to see how I'm going
> to mount them, but I don't think that will be difficult.  I was considering
> modifying the current speaker/mount by popping the grille off and cutting
> the speaker out so I can put my new ones into the mount.  The only problem
> is I can't seem to get the grille off, and I'm afraid that I'll break the
> plastic.  Any BTDT's or thoughts?  Thanks!

the grille will pop out eventually, though it's hard to do without
warping it.  The glue seems to be "semi-hard" and I suspect having the
whole thing a bit on the warm side would help, ie leave it in the sun
for a few hours.  Cutting out the old speakers and mounting your new
ones in the housing is quite do-able, it may require removal of some of
the mouting frame of your new speakers depending on their design.  The
grilles seem to re-insert ok, maybe with some fresh caulky type gunk to
seat them well.

Huw Powell



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