New to the list

Rave Racer Ravewar at
Wed May 2 02:31:21 EDT 2001

> Hello all,
> I joined the list about a week ago and decided it's time for an
> introduction.  After owning about 10 VWs, I am now the owner of an Audi, a
> 1985 5000s turbo that I got for $150.  According the the door sticker it
> originally from Canada, I live near Green Bay, WI.  It needs some work,
> previous owner attempted to change the heater core, but never got it back
> together.  There's also a problem with the auto transmission.  I've got an
> '87 VW Quantum 5 cyl. parts car with a good auto trans, and as far as I
> tell they are the same.  I'm also in need of an owners manual, I can't
> figure out how half this stuff works.

        Congrats on the purchase.  If it runs, that's a great deal.

The car came with a Haynes repair
> manual, but that's pretty much useless.

        Why yes!   Yes it is.

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