ur-q fuel gauge

Huw Powell audi at mediaone.net
Wed May 2 13:33:47 EDT 2001

bad voltage regulator (on back of inst cluster) might be the problem. 
It makes 10 volts for the fuel and coolant temp guages so they are
consistent regardless of the cars operating voltage.  It's a three
legged transistor thing, try measuring it's output, which is first sent
to the fuel and coolant sensors, then thru the gauges to ground.

GMBCHEF at aol.com wrote:
> Hi all. I noticed that my fuel gauge only goes a little past 1/4 full,
> even
> when I put in 20 gals. Got a sender from Chris Semple, did the same
> thing. I
> connected the two terminals from the gauge with a short piece of wire,
> and
> gauge went to full, rather quickly. Removed the sender from my 4kq,
> same
> part#, and it stii wouldn't go past 1/2 full or even less.  Put sender
> from
> coupe into 4kq, worked fine. What should I look for?
> Gary

Huw Powell



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