Looking for advice on new car purchase...

Kris Otnes otnesk at cc.wwu.edu
Wed May 2 18:49:42 EDT 2001

I currently own a 1990 Audi 80 FWD, automatic transmission and for the
summer I'm looking into buying a car to tinker around with in my free time.

I've got a fair amount of cash stowed away...my first idea is to either save
up more and get a Ur-Q. The appeal of owning one of these cars is very high,
but I doubt I have the income or time (College student) to maintain such a

My second idea is to pick up a '86-87 4000 w/ Quattro and a 5-speed. I
figure that I can probably land one for cheap But I'm wondering how good of
a car is it? Solidly built? Safe? Reliable? I understand that the 10v 5cyl
engine that typically comes with these cars is very underpowered and I'm
wondering what options I have in regard to getting it to go fast, w/o
dumping too much money into it. I've heard of some people performing turbo
swaps from 5K's, but this is far beyond my technical abilities, and I am not
willing to spend the money for a factory-spec engine swap.

Thanks for any imput you can give,
Kris Otnes

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