Supercharger for the V6 12V:opinions (also MF2)

Ken Keith auditude at
Wed May 2 19:36:46 EDT 2001

This guy did a one-off supercharger install on a 12v "ur-A6", but the 
info is no longer on the webpage:


> S4Biturbo wrote:
> >
> > Is it true?  Is there REALLY a supercharger for the 12v A4?
> I've heard of 3 supercharger kits "in the works" for the 12v V6; one
> from a company that dropped off the face of the planet, to be replaced
> with another similarly named company (OK, I'm counting that as two),
> and one from PES.  AFAIK, none of them ever delivered, though at least
> one got to a point where they had one that they were testing but
> needed to "work out some driveability issues."  Never heard from them
> again. Judging by the two biturbo retrofits I've seen for this car, it
> takes a lot of work to make this happen, including little computers
> strapped everywhere and lots of fake information heading to the car's
> ECU. PES did make a 30v supercharger kit, which evidently works pretty
> well (never seen one in person though). -- Elliott

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