I love my car

MattJoslin at aol.com MattJoslin at aol.com
Thu May 3 08:46:17 EDT 2001

I'm new to the list; I've been reading it for a couple weeks now. While I 
knew I had a nice car that ran well, I didn't realize what a great machine it 
is. I'm in the process of determining what needs to be done and what I'd like 
to do. I'm even starting to think of what my next Audi should be! I had a 
small problem that brought me close to panic, with visions of dollar signs 
filling my head, some listers gave me suggestions of what it might be and how 
to remedy it. Changing a thermostat has never been so satisfying. This may 
seem silly to many here, as it does to me now. The thermostat was my first 
thought, but having others verify this gave me some optimistic confidence. 
Thanks. A lister was also able to provide me with a Bentley Manual at below 
ebay prices. Much of the info in that will forever be beyond my abilities of 
comprehension, but having it gives me a fighting chance.

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