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ricematthews at ricematthews at
Thu May 3 15:24:50 EDT 2001

Audi Pilots:
It's time for me to clear out some of the Audi parts which I have
accumulated and no longer need, so I am posting the following for sale.
Most of these parts are for the Type 44 Models, but some have cross-over
applications as well.  If anyone has questions about which models the parts
will work for, I do have the part numbers so drop me an e-mail and I'll help
you figure it out.  I feel that the prices listed are fair, but if you don't
agree, I will consider reasonable offers.  All used parts are in good
condition.  New parts are in original packaging.
(P.S.:  If anyone needs parts for a BMW 2002, I have some of them too.)

Used:  A/C condenser with or without receiver/dryer.  OEM for VW/Audi (by
Showa Aluminum Corp.).
Part # 443 260 401.  I think this fits the 84-88 Audi 5000 models.  It may
fit others as well.  $75.

Used:  AM/FM/Cassette Stereo - VW/Audi "Wiesbaden" (OEM for 5000?).  $60.

New:  Pair ATE Rear rotors (new in box).  For 5 lug hubs.  Sticker on box
says they fit 1984-90 Audi 100Q & 200Q models (should include 84-88 5000Q as
well).  $60.

New:  Pair ATE Slotted "Power Disc"front rotors (new in box).  For 5 lug
hubs.  Sticker on box says they fit 1986-91 Quattro (urq?), 1988-90 Audi
100/100Q/200/200Q, but I doubt that they apply to this whole range as some
of these models only had 4 lug wheels.  $100.

New:  Belt kit - A/C, Alternator, Power Steering.  Fits 1984-91 Audi 5000,
100, 200 models (+ others?).  New.  $25.

Used:  Left side combination "dual stalk" switch (turn
signal/headlight/high-low beam/cruise control).
Part # 443 953 513K.  Fits 1989-91 Audi 80/90, 100, 200, & V8 models, (+
others?).  Used, but works fine.  $50.

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