Turbo boost leaks?

Steve Jensen sjensen at mindspring.com
Fri May 4 00:09:33 EDT 2001

Ivan inquired:

> Other than the pressure hoses from the intercooler to the throttle body
> and the turbo to the intercooler,
> what are some other common areas where boost leaks occur on 5kcst's?

End caps on the intercooler.  If you see oil weeping down from where the cap
seam is, you've prolly got a blown intercooler.  Best way to see is to
remove the front grill.

When I bought my sedan, the Michelin Man hose was loose at one end.
Tightening the clamp brought it from 1.2  to 1.3 at full boost.

-Steve Jensen
87 5kcstq
87 5kcstqw

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