disintended nondeceleration....

Stacy Anable masterwizard7 at hotmail.com
Fri May 4 19:37:30 EDT 2001

I had a very similar problem with my 86 5kcstq. i looked and looked for the 
problem...i took out my throttle cable and lubed it...i cleaned my throttle 
body..and lubed the bushings. i disconnected the CC, i tried about 
everything....then one day i just got pissed at it and pulled the throttle 
body, and it turned out the problem was that my throttle plate was loose. so 
i tightened the two screws that connect it to the throttle shaft and the 
problem was fixed. so if all else fails, take a look at the throttle plate 
with the throttle body off the car.


>From: "jim rose" <sf5ktq at hotmail.com>
>To: quattro at audifans.com
>Subject: disintended nondeceleration....
>Date: Fri, 04 May 2001 10:39:53 -0700
>soooo.....    my 5ktq is having some issues slowing down.
>when i let off the gas or downshift, the motor decelerates VERY slowly,
>giving a "cruise-control" effect. it is an intermittent problem, about 70%
>of the time. also some rmp's are "stickier" than others. idle is also high
>when the problem rears its head. 11-1500 from it's usual 8-900.
>check of the linkage turned up nothing apparently out of place. i didn't
>want to just add some slack in the adjuster bolt at the throttle lever.
>there are 2 VERY suspiscious vaccum doodas right there attached to the
>throttle arm/lever. any thoughts?
>thanx, all
>ps - i think my car is faster when i wax it. something about hydrodynamics
>and surface tension i think.
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