Source of car soaps, polishes, overspray clay, waxes, all that good stuff

Andrew Buc abuc at
Sun May 6 16:39:58 EDT 2001

I recently did business with and was very
pleased. They gave quick, personalized prepurchase advice by email, and
since they handle many brands of products, I'm inclined to think the
advice was objective. The package arrived by UPS three calendar days
<earlier> than they said it would, and they threw in some P21S
windshield-cleaning towelettes as a freebie.

I strongly recommend checking out their site even if you don't need any
supplies. They have a great deal of material on different aspects of
detailing (washing and waxing a car, clay, fixing paint chips, etc.),
which you can view online or download as .PDF files.

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