Sell it, Part it, or fix it?

Matt Daniels mdaniels at
Sun May 6 21:00:53 EDT 2001

I actually already have the Bentley manual, so I have that going for me.
The main problem is I just can't afford any unnecessary costs right now.
I still have the family van (a VW Eurovan, so at least it's not totally
geeky) and we can live off of the one car, as much as I hate driving
that thing. I think I'll just sell the 4k, it's been good to me, but I
need the money more than I need a 2nd car.

If anybody wants my 4k, let me know, I'll take any serious offer.


chris franz wrote:

> If the interior and engine are still in good shape you could possibly
> get $1500 for it right now.    Although you could fix the brakes by
> yourself and make the repair affordable.    You can get your hands on
> the parts you need for under $200.    And if you junk yard the parts,
> much cheaper than that.    You would also need a a brake caliper kit
> to do the job.     It wouldn't take more than a couple hours.     You
> could find the info needed to do the work in a factory repair manual
> which can be a bit tricky to find.    Or you could get a haynes manual
> and bumble through it.   The factory repair manual will run about $75
> while the haynes manual you can find on ebay for $10 to $20.
>  >From: Matt Daniels
> >To: Quattro List
> >Subject: Sell it, Part it, or fix it?
> >Date: Sun, 06 May 2001 12:57:36 -0600
> >
> >It's been awhile since I've posted here, but I need some advice on my
> >'86 4000 cs quattro.
> >
> >Thanks to our wonderful economy, I recently had to sell my 2000 A4
> 1.8T
> >Avant, the plan was to step back into my '86 4kcsq as my driver. The
> car
> >has been sitting undriven (and unsold) since October last year. I
> took
> >the car in for the Utah State Inspection and it failed miserably,
> >according to the shop (a well respected Audi shop) the entire rear
> >brakes need to be replaced - pads, rotors, lines and one caliper.
> Price
> >will be about $700. Well, I can't afford this right now, and once I
> land
> >back on my feet I plan on getting rid of this car anyway, so I really
> >don't want to put that amount of money into it. Plus, the shop said
> the
> >front brakes aren't looking to good either, although they will pass
> >inspection. This car also has a number of cosmetic problems, namely
> some
> >rust, a nice dent in the left fender, and the usual scratches, dings,
> >etc.
> >
> >Since I've pretty much ruled out fixing it, my other two options are
> to
> >sell it or part it. I would like to just sell it and get it out of my
> >hair, but I have a feeling that I wouldn't get squat for it knowing
> that
> >the rear brakes are shot (and I'm not the type to hide something like
> >that from a future buyer), I would love to get $1500 from it, but
> that
> >might be wishful thinking. I'm open to parting it out, but the hassle
> >might be more than I'm willing to deal with right now.
> >
> >If you want to see pics of the car, you can find them here:
> > , Please note that the BBS wheels
> &
> >Eurolight have been sold and have been replaced with the stock parts.
> >
> >Any advice would be helpful,
> >
> >Soon to be Audiless,
> >
> >Matt Daniels
> >
> >'86 4kcsq, '00 A4 1.8T Avant - sold, '93 90S - sold
> >
> >
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