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Sun May 6 21:10:33 EDT 2001


This MAY be the case now, but about 5 years ago these
folks sold me a set of rear rotors and calipers that
were really cheap junk. The metal the rotors were made
of "crystalized" and rusted. The mechanic that
replaced them after the fact had never seen anything
like it. And the calipers(rebuilts) had emergency
brake not releasing problems from the start. But what
really gauled me was that they claimed they never
received the core calipers back. Part of that may have
been my fault; I figured who would want a set of old
rusty calipers. So, I did not send them insured, but
they were in the same boxes that they had sent me the
"weird" metal ones in...they claimed that they never
got them...hence no core refund. My post office said
something smelled rotten, but because I hadn't insured
the shipment there was nothing they could do. They
also were "lurking" on the list and sent me an
unsolicited "Hey, we got 'em" after I asked the list
where I might get a good deal on a set of rear rotors
and calipers. I believe the woman's name was Arlene or
something like that.

They may be fine for fluids and such, be careful on
parts and make sure your insure your core returns.
"let the buyer beware". Hopefully, they have improved
over the last five years.



Larry wrote:

>Good people, SCCA members, deal equally with 'merican
>and 'furrin cars.

>LL - NY

>On Fri, 4 May 2001 18:18:37 -0400 "Aaron Sherrick"
><amsk at>
>>Does anyone know of a good source for Redline
>>products?  After reading 
>>listers' opinions and Redline's website, I've
>>decided to go with 75W90 
>>oil for the differential and MT-90 for the
>>transmission for my 4kq.  
>>'86 4kq

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