4k still running hot!!

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<<  Re: 4k still running hot!! >>Chirs I know the felling but I don't have 
the entire answer yet.  I am waiting for a radiator for my 95 4kq to come in 
now but this has been an on going problem.  In the last 4 years I have spent 
maybe $1500.00 on what were supposed to be good shops fixing the problem,but 
D.C. traffic is cruel and unusual and it beats me down.  My A.C. doesn't work 
so one thing I didi was to remove the condenser.  That only helps when your 
moving though.  Don't let anyone talk you into an ECU though.  This year I 
way try a 4kcgt fan, I hear they run after shutdown.  I'm now sure about 
running the fan to much though,will that over heat?
    The bottom line is they run hot I think.  I may try the 5k thermostat.  I 
have thinking about taking out the thing alltogether really.

Duane 85 4kq

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