Auxiliary turbo coolant pump, bypassing - a warning

Peter Golledge petergg at
Mon May 7 10:47:11 EDT 2001

Kevin Phillips wrote:
> I fitted my glue and screw repaired turbo coolant pump today. It has been
> by-passed with a 3/4" gray PVC 90 degree elbow.
> I noticed that the elbow has changed shape rather drastically and I think it
> could have failed sometime later. I have only done 1 hot run from the
> airport the other night (lots of fun) so I think that the coolant gets too
> hot for the PVC to handle.
> If you are going to do this by-pass yourself consider it to be very
> temporary.

I used a 17mm deep (ie. for lug bolts) socket and it worked wonderfully
in an early morning emergency. :-)

Peter Golledge

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