type 44 lifter replacement

Keith Lawyer wbr90 at yahoo.com
Mon May 7 13:03:31 EDT 2001

The lifters on my '89 200 have become really noisy at
all times. . . Marvel Mystery Oil did nothing for it. 
Everyone says it's an easy replacement so I'd prefer
to tackle it.  I searched the archives and found lots
of talk of noisy lifters, and some instructions for
the 4k's. . . not certain if my MC2 is significantly
  Anyway, if anyone has stashed away the step-by-step
instructions which have surely been posted to this
list a million times and could forward them to me that
would be a great help.
  Finally, what all do I need?  *Just* the lifters? 
Or are other components recommended to be replaced?  I
was gonna check w/Parts Connection, any other
recommended sources?

Keith L.
'89 200 tqa

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