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David Head v8q at bellsouth.net
Mon May 7 17:24:26 EDT 2001

I think the A8 rims (first series) may have been 37mm...

"ricematthews at msn.com" wrote:

> Gerard:
> The 35mm offset combined with a wheel that is 2 inches wider will move the
> outside of the wheel "out" - i.e. away from the centerline of the car - a
> distance of about 1.4 inches.  As a result, I think you will likely have
> clearance problems with the fender lips.  You may also have a clearance
> problem with ther tie rod ends.  To get over the fender clearance issue, you
> can roll the fenders or just pull them out, but this could be a long way to
> go to clear those wheels.  Also, 8 inch wide wheels may be too wide for 205
> tires (205mm is about 8 inches, but the tire's profile usually moves inward
> at the rim) .
> I'm not sure what they use in Europe, but I think the US A8 wheels may have
> a 35mm offset.  I think that most US Spec. Audi 5 lug wheels, except the A8
> and TT had the same lug pattern and offset (5x112mm / ET45 offset).  I can't
> imagine why they would use a different offset for the Euro models.
> -Mark
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> Hi!
> If a car takes a 15x6 rim and 205/65 tyres quite comfortably using an
> ET45 offset, will a 17x8 rim with 205/50 and an ET35 fit? :)
> I've probably been over this here on the list before and also in my head
> and I think they'll fit. The wheel I'm looking at has plenty of rubber
> overhang on the rims and 205mm is about 8 inches wide and it's not so
> easy finding a decent rim in 17" size that is 7-7.5" wide and with an
> offset of 45mm and I know a 35mm offset is used in Germany.
> G.
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> 1989 Audi 200
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