disintended nondeceleration....

Arryn Milne enzeder at home.com
Tue May 8 11:20:20 EDT 2001

There are three major parts to idle control right (not including sensors), 
Throttle switch, ISV, and fuel cutoff decel valve (FCDV).  How new are 
these three?  A vacuum leak should manifest as a low idle problem right, 
and more engine braking (as this is what happens with the FCDV).

How's the throttle switch?


At 10:39 AM 5/4/01 -0700, jim rose wrote:
>soooo.....    my 5ktq is having some issues slowing down.
>when i let off the gas or downshift, the motor decelerates VERY slowly, 
>giving a "cruise-control" effect. it is an intermittent problem, about 70% 
>of the time. also some rmp's are "stickier" than others. idle is also high 
>when the problem rears its head. 11-1500 from it's usual 8-900.
>check of the linkage turned up nothing apparently out of place. i didn't 
>want to just add some slack in the adjuster bolt at the throttle lever. 
>there are 2 VERY suspiscious vaccum doodas right there attached to the 
>throttle arm/lever. any thoughts?
>thanx, all
>ps - i think my car is faster when i wax it. something about hydrodynamics 
>and surface tension i think.
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