Idle stabilizer valve

Nate Stuart nathan.stuart at
Tue May 8 11:49:31 EDT 2001

This engine uses the same system, however the ISV is in a different location. 
Look to the front of your intake manifold. You will see a round metal cylinder 
jobbie(tech term, sorry) with a electrical connector going into it. That is the 
ISV, it is mounted to the head via a rubber jobbie, and has some long rubber 
tubes that travel back under the IM to the air boot, and to the IM. Hope that 
all confused you enough... I have pics too if you want....

'89 90q

Quoting Michael  Williams <MPWilli at>:

> I just noticed on Huw Powells website an article about the ildle
> stabilizer valve. He mentioned that it is present on all CIS-E fuel
> injection systems. I have an 89 100 which I believe is a CIS-III. Is
> this one in the same type system or should I be looking for somethind
> else that influences the idle. 
> Mike

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