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Tue May 8 21:11:38 EDT 2001

Joe Hoppen Motorsport,

Obviously you did not read the whole email, you did not understand what you
read or you are not concerned with making money. I am a service member of
the forces of the United States of America stationed in Germany. I was told
to come here by my government, I am not a tourist just "hanging out" cause
it seemed like the fun thing to do.
I could buy the parts from MTM outright sure but they are 2 to 3 times the
price for the exact same products I can buy in the US form you!
            This is not a problem. There are plenty of other companies that
are more than willing to accept my money and help those of us that chose
this way of life.
            Don't bother responding to this email. Your telephone sales
representative yesterday and your reply today have spoken volumes about your
organization's attitude.

            John W Rich IV
            HQ US Army Europe
            00 A4 1,8T Avant Q

P.S. Big thanks and much love to David Head, Josh White and Steve Jensen.
Thanks guys.

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Thanks for your email.  We recommend you contact MTM for your A4 special
components.  We are the MTM Importer for N. America.  We therefore only sell
in our area and do not sell or ship components out of our marketing area.
MTM handles sales in Germany, they have the parts and are ready to help.
Joe Hoppen Motorsport
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