Sell it, Part it, or fix it?

Matt Daniels mdaniels at
Tue May 8 16:30:54 EDT 2001

Well, I have some better news about my 4k today. I took one of the listers
advice and took it to another place not as familiar with Audi's. Their brake
check system is somehow computerized and my car was able to pass inspection
- except for one thing. My emergency brake didn't work, which is something
I've know about forever. So I hit the bone yard today got two new cables,
installed them, took it back and it passed - just barely. So now I can drive
it "legally". (of course, that doesn't mean the brakes won't have to be
replaced soon....).

The bad news is that I must have messed something up in the process of
installing the cables, because the brakes are really soft now - but they do
firm up upon pumping them. I hate to admit it, but I did screw around with
the bleeder valve and got brake fluid everywhere. I'm guessing my problems
are with this mistake. I'm guessing a good brake bleeding is in order now?


Matt Daniels wrote:

> It's been awhile since I've posted here, but I need some advice on my
> '86 4000 cs quattro.
> Thanks to our wonderful economy, I recently had to sell my 2000 A4 1.8T
> Avant, the plan was to step back into my '86 4kcsq as my driver. The car
> has been sitting undriven (and unsold) since October last year. I took
> the car in for the Utah State Inspection and it failed miserably,
> according to the shop (a well respected Audi shop) the entire rear
> brakes need to be replaced - pads, rotors, lines and one caliper. Price
> will be about $700. Well, I can't afford this right now, and once I land
> back on my feet I plan on getting rid of this car anyway, so I really
> don't want to put that amount of money into it. Plus, the shop said the
> front brakes aren't looking to good either, although they will pass
> inspection. This car also has a number of cosmetic problems, namely some
> rust, a nice dent in the left fender, and the usual scratches, dings,
> etc.
> Since I've pretty much ruled out fixing it, my other two options are to
> sell it or part it. I would like to just sell it and get it out of my
> hair, but I have a feeling that I wouldn't get squat for it knowing that
> the rear brakes are shot (and I'm not the type to hide something like
> that from a future buyer), I would love to get $1500 from it, but that
> might be wishful thinking. I'm open to parting it out, but the hassle
> might be more than I'm willing to deal with right now.
> If you want to see pics of the car, you can find them here:
> , Please note that the BBS wheels &
> Eurolight have been sold and have been replaced with the stock parts.
> Any advice would be helpful,
> Soon to be Audiless,
> Matt Daniels
> '86 4kcsq, '00 A4 1.8T Avant - sold, '93 90S - sold

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