Speedometer Adjustment for 5KTQ?

Swann, Benjamin R. (BSWANN) BSWANN at arinc.com
Wed May 9 10:35:09 EDT 2001

I did some more checking archives and then checked my car.

1. Speedo reads about 10%faster than the computer speed eg. reads 50 at 45.

2. I looked at spare Instrument cluster.  There is a resistor on the ic
directly behind the speedometer.  2 orange bands, one black no
tolerance=33ohm?  Don't know what value is on the one in the car.  I'm
thinking about putting a variable resistor that I can control without
pulling the ic out.  Then once I find the correct value, I can put in a
fixed value.  Is this the correct resistor or is there another one I should
be changing.

Here is some clippage from the archives that may jog some memories:
[Tony Lum wrote:
> I remember the post but I can't find it.  I do remember that the circuit
> uses a 54 ohm resistor and if you change it to 51 ohms the speedo gets
> nearly dead on.  I was going to try this trick myself next time I had to
> pull the speedo cluster.
> -Tony
Hmm...yhea, I remember that too.

We have about 3 boxes lying around full of milspec-grade resistors and
other components and I'll check to see if I can find some 51 ohm milspec
resistors.  If I do, you and other folks on the list are more than welcome
to 'em(I'll post if/when I find them, no "send me one" emails, please! :)

Brett Dikeman
brett at pdikeman.ne.mediaone.net

Is there anyone else out there with the 10v motor that goes 90mph 
>at 3000 rpm's ? 215/60/15's on the car.
>(4) How fast are you going at 3k rpm's in 5th gear on flat land?
>I have driven a 89.5 200 Q and at 3k rpm's I'm doing 80 mph and a 
>friend on the list who has a '87 5ktq says he is doing 80 mph at 3k rpm's.

From: Pcarselle <pcarselle at worldnet.att.net>

I improved the accuracy of my speedo by replacing an aot resistor and
repositioning mechanical zero.  It's now spot on at 30mph and 60mph.]


'87 5kcstqw - going 5-10mph slower than the speedo says.

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There once was a fellow on the 200q20v list that found out what/where the
resistors were on the back of the IC to change the speedo calibration. A
search through the 200q20v archives might reveal something. I know they are
different IC's, but I'm sure the circuitry is close enough to at least point
you in the right direction. Don't see how changing that gear could affect
anything though.....

'89 90q

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Subject: Speedometer Adjustment for 5KTQ?

> Is there anyway to adjust the speed reading of the speedometer.  Mine
> to be reading a little fast after I replaced a gear(from spare unit) that
> had caused the Odometer to stop working.
> I did not see anything in the Bently.
> I will be doing some long cruises and comparing with mile markers and
> and would like to know if there is a way to adjust the speedometer so it
> dead on.  I have the feeling it isn't even close right now.
> Or maybe I really have been cruising at 85-95 even though it feels like
> less.
> Ben
> '87 5000cstqw - probably not going as fast as as speedo says.
> '85 4000csq - Sounds and feels like it is going faster than the speedo

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