Unintended suspension mod

Erik Addy erikaddy at yahoo.com
Thu May 10 10:07:52 EDT 2001

Ok, took a slightly longer look at the 90's front end
today.  Right front tie rod is bent...which should
cause toe-in, but I have toe-out?  I gave the front
end a shake down, and didn't notice anything
particularly loose (well, not any looser than it
already was...).  Also didn't notice any obvious bends
in the CA or strut tower.  I'm going to just allign
the front end, drive it home to MN, and figure it out
when I rebuild the whole suspension (I'm putting in
Eibhach, Bilstiens, and replacing the wheel bearings
and all the rubber in the suspension...mabey now all
just add new ball joints and tie rod ends just to be
on the safe side.  Anybody know what a new cast CA
costs?  Does it include a new ball joint?

Thanks, especially those who already made suggestions,

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