CIS-E limits, Javad? Anybody?

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Fri May 11 02:32:52 EDT 2001

Mike, I don't know that valve size has that much to do with it, I would say 
that anything above 6 or 7 psi really should have some kind of speed and MAP 
related enrichment.  It is not the everyday situations that get you, its that 
one time when its hot out and the conditions are just right, you will blow a 
hole right thru a piston when things get lean.  I would say overall that 
CIS-III has more capacity because it is a higher pressure system, and because 
it is already designed for 130 hp versus 115.

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<< Hey everyone
 I remember Javad said that the cis-e III on his 80 turbo ran out of fuel at 
around 8 psi at which point he had his add on efi. Javad, was this 8 psi 
measured in the manifold? If so, since Javad's head has 40mm intake valves, 
and I have 38, the 8 psi in his manifold results in more air entering the 
engine than 8 psi in my engine.  So lets say (these numbers arent right) if 8 
psi on Javads engine means 300 CFM of airflow, and 10 psi in my manifold 
means 300 CFM, then my fuel system should be OK for 10 psi right? Or does 
CIS-E III have higher flow capability than the CIS-E.
 Lastly, Javad, when you were running CIS/EFI, can you tell me what your O2 
meter read at different pressures, say 4, and 6psi without the EFI running. 
Just trying to get a feel for it before I start tuning it.
 Thanks a bunch

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