Painful price quotes

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Fri May 11 14:56:57 EDT 2001

As I remember, book on the wheel bearing R&R is 3 hours each.  I don't know
what the independent hourly rate has gone up to in the Bay area, but $515
for 6 hours works out to just under $86/hour, by the book.  I think Rod's
price on the wheel bearings wasn't much off of $55 each for the urq, so that
cost doesn't seem off much by comparison.

Just considering...


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> > Got some price quotes from a local shop. I like the shop a lot and they
> >very knowledgable but these quotes seem astronomical. As I have done
> nearly all
> >my own vehicle repairs for the last 20 years this was tough to swallow.
> These
> >quotes are for my '91 200q 20vt:
> >Front wheel bearings - $110 for the bearings, total with labor $625
> >Replace rear shocks with Bilstiens - $189 ea. for the struts, total with
> >labor$700 labor
> > I'm still waiting on the estimate to replace the parking brake
> and
> >the corroded left rear upper suspension piece.
> >Anton
> >
> Anton - to quote Brave Sir Launcelot's advice to Great King Arthur when
> they were besieging the French castle:
>    "RUN AWAY!!!"
> $515 labor to change front wheel bearings, plus $300 labor to change rear
> shocks (a bolt on each end, no less), that means he either has a yacht
> payment due tomorrow, or he plans on getting even with Bill Gates. I don't
> quite see why you have to make this possible for him, all by yourself.
> Best Regards,
> Mike Arman

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