Noah Godwin pchandyman at
Fri May 11 17:08:38 EDT 2001

The flash driven intro movie and website may mean they have a flash guru on
board but It doesn't say anything about their products. (go to
an unbeleivably impressive flash webdev's site - seem familiar? ) In fact
the site looks like more of a model than a functional ebusiness site.

These guys aren't web experts, but have been making chips for german stuff
for a long time:

There's where you should look if you want to see an actual chip tuning
Note the working links, precise file numbers, updates, variations, etc. Much
more impressive to me than some flash intro.
I haven't personally purchased one of these chips, but I have driven a car
with one - and it didnt blow up.  It was a VW jetta 2.0-16v that had been
worked to some extent, so I honestly can't say how much difference the chip
made, it did raise the rev limiter to 8500rpm or something, which was

If I were getting a chip custom made or had one of the cars on their list, I
would strongly consider these guys.

PS- sorry if I sounded negative, but it annoys me how easy it is to look
respectable on the net... If these guys at ASEchips really do know what they
are doing, they should consider putting some actual unfo on their site.


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