Shock choice on 100CSQ?

Fred Munro munrof at
Sat May 12 00:03:24 EDT 2001

Hi Scott;

    On the '93 100 you have the choice of HD Bilsteins or Bilstein Sports.
    On the front, the Sports are shorter than the HD (about 20mm I think)
and have slightly stiffer rebound valving.
    On the rear, the Sports are 20 mm shorter than the HD and have the same
    The Sports are designed to be used with lowering springs. If you have
the stock suspension, you probably want the HD.


Fred Munro
'94 S4
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> All,
> The time is at hand to start thinking about new shocks for the trusty '93
> 100CSQ.  90% of this car's life is spent in the hands of my wife, who
> appreciates fine automobiles (or she wouldn't have fallen so hard for the
> Audi), but 10% of it is mine.  Most driving is on surface streets, some on
> freeway, and some on long cruises (700 miles each way, a couple times a
> year).  So we need an all-rounder.
> The best shocks I've yet experienced are the Bilsteins in my daily driver,
> 1974 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce (hi Tess, Joe, John, Eric... let's see, who
> have I left out? :-)  They aren't too stiff for the flexible-flyer
> but high-speed cornering is absolutely devoid of any drama; it puts one in
> mind of the Coleridge line about a painted ship upon a painted ocean,
> for the scream of a 2-liter twin cam at 5000 RPM echoing off the
> But I digress.
> Anyway, I'm sold on the Bilsteins for enthusiast street use.  I'm sort of
> dimly aware that there are at least three flavors of Bilstein, but I can't
> remember which ones are which.  If I recall, there are standard, HD, and
> Sport.  Obviously, standard are, well, standard, but I can't remember
> whether HD or Sport are stiffer.
> For this application, I know I don't want the stiffest, but I'm toying
> the idea of going one notch up from standard.  I'd love to hear from folks
> who have used one or, even better, more of these shocks, to compare and
> contrast them.  Again, I rarely get the chance to sense the slip angles
> moving around as I adjust this car's line in a corner, but when I do, I'd
> love for the suspension movements to be damped a little better than the
> current shocks (OEM at 150,000 miles, btw -- no complaints on their
> longevity) are capable of.
> And of course, if I'm completely off base and there's no such thing as HD
> Sport, I'd like to know that, too, so I don't sound quite so stupid when I
> go to order them.
> Thanks,
> --Scott Fisher
>   Tualatin, Oregon

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