NAC help, 2.0 L Mitsu 16V timing belt

James Marriott marriott at
Sat May 12 12:08:57 EDT 2001


I've been "volunteered" to rework a friend's '93 Plymouth Laser.
It has the dual-balance-shaft Mitsubishi 2.0 four, no turbo. I
can't find the "plug" that covers the hole for probing "2 inches
to ensure oil pump shaft timing." Can anyone help? (TB idler came
loose, broke both belts, bent 11 valves, broke one valve and the
head, broke one piston).

BTW, this is the best unoptimized-for-mechanics machine I have
ever had the displeasure of working on. Five shafts that need to
be timed, and even if the marks line up maybe it's wrong?!?

tia and cu, James Marriott (and Kathy)
'87 4kq (alias "late-B2 90q") with rare NG engine, 181k, two
'89 200q (MC1, ProconTen/no bag, 1.8 blah blah), 132k, two shafts
Boise, ID, USA

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