5ktq Clutch In - Bad News, though (longish)

Steve Jensen sjensen at mindspring.com
Sat May 12 23:26:29 EDT 2001

Got the sedan back from the shop this morning after having a new Sachs
clutch installed.  The mechanic said he took it for a test drive after the
car was back together and it was fine, and he also said there would be some
scraping of the brakes as the rotors had rust pretty thick on 'em from
sitting for 5 months.  So I jump in with the wife following me in her
minivan, but it was apparent after a few miles that something was wrong...

Well, the clutch action _feels_ fine, but it ain't right: going up through
the gears is fine, but as you depress the clutch to come to a stop you can
feel (hear?) a grinding/pulsating coming through the clutch pedal that seems
to be throwout bearing related.  This continues until you come to a complete
stop, then the feeling in the pedal disappears, almost like the throwout
bearing has all the pressure being put on one side and at idle it can handle
it okay.  When the clutch went it was due to the throwout bearing being on
the verge of seizing, so maybe something bent and the mechanic did not
notice it.

And the exhaust system is much more throatier than it was before, indicating
there is either a leak when they put it back together - it was fine when I
dropped it off - or the metal doughnut on the catalytic converter is not
sealing properly...

At any rate, I'm not satisfied and its going back for them to look at it
again this week.  Sorry for the rant but I had been looking forward to
getting the sedan back on the road for a while, anybody have any ideas what
it could be?

-Steve Jensen
87 5kcstq
87 5kcstqw

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