Shock choice on 100CSQ?

Michael Murphy mjmjr at
Sat May 12 23:54:41 EDT 2001

"Fisher, Scott" wrote:
> All,
> The time is at hand to start thinking about new shocks for the trusty '93
> 100CSQ.
> And of course, if I'm completely off base and there's no such thing as HD or
> Sport, I'd like to know that, too, so I don't sound quite so stupid when I
> go to order them.

You got it spot on.  There are 3 Bilstein lines, 
"C" Comfort, "HD" Heavy Duty and "SP" Sport.

"C" are not available for the 100CSq which takes HD or SP _but_ Bilstein 
recommends a lowering kit in the rear w/the SP.  SPs' are (IMHO) a tough 
ride and overkill for street use.

The HDs should suit you fine or take a look at the new products from Sachs.
Alleged to be as good as Bilstein and less money.  We're testing a set next
week to find out if the claims Sachs are making are true.
Mike Murphy

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