Engine cutting out (sometimes!)

ben_flynn at talk21.com ben_flynn at talk21.com
Mon May 14 22:59:24 EDT 2001

My 1992 S2 has had a strange problem ever since I have owned it to do with the engine sometimes cutting out.  Bascially upon acceleration through the gears say I was to dip the clutch in second at around 3-4000 revs (or more) the needle (and engine!!) will drop to 0rpm causing the car to cut out.  This doesn't always seem to happen, a lot of the time it will return to idle quite happily, it is just more frequent after a reasonably harsh acceleration following by disengaging of the clutch (a quick blip of the throttle as the revs are falling towards zero always prevents it as well!?!).  Has anybody ever experienced this ?  Hope this explanation isn't too vague!!!



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