No more oil consumption!

Andrew Lundy fast928 at
Tue May 15 15:56:48 EDT 2001

What??  Did I miss something??  I've never heard of O2 sensors being related
to oil consumption.

Your sudden  "lack" of oil consumption has about as much to do with your new
O2 sensors as the starter motor has to do with cooling the engine.

I think what you have is the classic case of a "coincidence"....keep your
eye on the oil level.  I've checked my oil before thinking the oil
consumption was "suddenly" gone only to check again in a few days and the
oil is "mostly" gone.  Keep checking your'll start up
again...BTDT!!  You checked on level ground, right??

My $.02  I wish it was that easy but it's not...I'm in the same boat as you
with my '95!!
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> Well, I've confirmed it... my '92 100CS is no longer drinking oil.
> I've gone through 2 tankfuls of fuel, roughly 800 miles, since I had
> the O2 sensors changed and as recently as 3 months ago that would've
> resulted in at least a quart low of my favorite synthetic.
> I checked this morning and my oil level is still topped off. I'm
> thrilled!! I was so worried that I was going to need a valve job or
> that there was something wrong with the head, but it appears to be
> fine.
> This is just another example of the importance of O2 sensors, but it
> continues to beg the question, why didn't the check engine light come
> on sooner? My car has steadily been increasing it's appetite for oil
> over the past few years and 25k miles. That's a long time for the
> sensors to have been a problem.
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