No more oil consumption!

Andrew Lundy fast928 at
Tue May 15 17:30:29 EDT 2001


You're exactly right on the poor running condition.  If the O2 sensors were
bad they would make a huge difference.....on performance!!

I just replaced mine at 70k miles!!  My oil consumption did not change in
the slightest.  My consumption is not quite as low as yours...about 1qt/1200
miles but it is still a pain!!  (My car tends to use oil in streaks.....use
no oil for two weeks..then use 1/2 qt the next).  Seems to always average
out to about 1 qt/1200 miles!!

There is no way that I can fathom a bad running car causing it to burn oil!!
Nothing else mechanically changed on the car but what about the climate for
the last week?  Colder, rainier than usually??  Warmer than usually??  Did
your driving habits change for the last week??  Does it usually sit longer
before going through 2 tankfuls??  There are many other variables to

I find it VERY hard to believe that the engine running poorly would cause
oil consumption.  Hopefully, by some miracle, this happened for you.  I hope
that your car did stop using oil, I just highly doubt it will last.  I just
wanted to tell you to keep checking your oil.....I have a feeling it will
start using it again...BTDT.
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