4kq chunky shifting - Stage 2 (Redline) results

Aaron Sherrick amsk at lehigh.edu
Thu May 17 20:38:51 EDT 2001

Stage 1 was lubing the shifter inside the car.  That produced a very minimal
improvement.  Stage 2 was completed today and that involved switching to
Redline MT-90 in the transmission and Redline 75W90 in the differential.
Again, minimal improvement.  I guess that means that Stage 3 will be the
linkage.  Ugh!  It looks like you have to drop the transmission out to get
to the linkage.  I don't think that's a job I want to tackle.  I've always
noticed that if I shift into a gear, then shift back to neutral, and then
shift back into the same gear that the shifting is much smoother the second
time.  The car can be on or off with the same effect.  Is it possible that I
have bad synchro's?  I guess that could be Stage 4.  I'm frustrated....

'86 4kq

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