CD Radio for 1990 Audi 100

Ti Kan ti at
Sat May 19 12:37:38 EDT 2001

Dave Warner writes:
> I'm looking for a CD radio for my Audi 100 that would inferface with the in
> dash display. It came with the Audi Delta radio / cassette which shows the
> station and other stuff in the in dash display but I want to have CD
> capability. Anyone know if it's possible to get an aftermarket unit that can
> interface with the in dash display or if Audi makes an affordable CD radio
> combination?

I think you're out of luck on that one... I am not aware of any aftermarket
radio that would interface with the Audi instrument cluster display.  Audi
did offer a 6-disc CD changer option on cars with the Delta radio, but I think
it was an RF unit with a separate remote control, and you tune to a particular
FM frequency to get CD sound, so perhaps this would be the only way to go
if you want to retain the dash display.  You can try to find the Audi changer,
or get an aftermarket changer with the same functionlity.  Sound quality
will be compromised via the FM tuner, though...

The later Audi radios have direct CD changer controls but I am not sure the
interface to the instrument cluster is compatible with your car...  Audi
only started offering in-dash CD capability starting with the 2000 model
Symphony radio but there is no way a Symphony is going to fit in your center
console, instrument cluster interface protocol issues notwithstanding.

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