CS5000 tq Heater/AC fan

Leah and David Mueller muellerl at cadvision.com
Sun May 20 18:36:34 EDT 2001

The high fan speed is I believe a default mode for a faulty "heat sink" as
you call it, or a control head problem.  I don't have the Bentley any more
for this car sorry.  I am only going on memory.  Anybody confirm this for
this lister?

 86 4kq

> The fan on my AC/heater runs full blast all of the time on my 88 tq. It
> the climate control package, but even with this unit completely unplugged
> blowe still runs. It also runs when it is "Off". The manual fan speed also
> has no effect. Anyone know what the Delco device mounted on a heat sink by
> the evaporator is? If i unplug ither plug from this the fan stops. Can't
> it in the wiring diagram in my Haynes book.

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