air plate lift effort

Nate Stuart nathan.stuart at
Mon May 21 22:43:26 EDT 2001

If the car you tested before had been off for any length of time then the
residual fuel pressure most likely was a bit lower making the plate much
easier to move up and down.

'89 90q

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From: "Konstantin Bogach" <kbogach at>

> Hi listers.
> Yesterday I changed air filter, cleaned air plate and cone on 200tqMC1
> and I noticed that it need greater effort to lift a plate compare to my
> another car - 200tqwMC2.  I did same things to it about 3 weeks ago. I
> am 75% confident.  No jerks, both move smoothly. I can not come up with
> even slightly reasonable explanation.
> Am I fooled by my perceptions?

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