27 month report on A6 Avant

Debra Snell snell at netshel.net
Wed May 23 12:33:24 EDT 2001

Hi quattro fans,

I subscribe and unsubscribe here and there as this list volume is
overwhelming. However, I purchased a 1999 Avant A6 in February of 99. My
Audi currently has 44,000 on it and I thought it may be time for a report.

Where to begin...

I have had several problems that has me worried about keeping it past warranty.

I have broken and replaced tie rods three times. This causes my tires to
wear out fast. Currently i have a balding tire on my front passenger side.
Drivers side is fine, even though they are the same age.

I have run out of gas three times due to bad sending unit. I don't trust my
gas guage at all now.

Both front door windows have come out of track more times than I care to
count, leaving me unable to roll up window.

I have had my water pump replaced and hoses changed due to rotting and leaking.

My blinkers have had difficulties (electronically). Currently my front
drivers side blinker only works when it wants to. Replacing bulb didn't fix
the problem. Luckily it worked long enough for my son to take his driving
test in it, but quit immediately after. It works about 40% of the time.

My side air bags have been replaced twice.

Cam shaft was replaced at 42,000 miles.

Work order at 42,000 stated that they put "epoxy on oil gally plugs." (what
does THAT mean?)

Audi has replaced front and rear rotors and countless brake pads. (Why do
they let the brake pads go so long where they need to REPLACE rotors???

I got stuck in a mild snow storm because my car had no handling ability at
all. I sat curb side as I watched two wheel drive Previas pass me by. (I
TRADED in my Previa because it performed so poorly in snow.) Problem? Tie

I'm thinking of dumping my car. Audi has promised to extend my warranty
12,000 miles. That was 2 thousand miles ago, and I have yet to receive
paper to back up their promise.

My car was in the shop for 9 days for warranty work. I had to fight Audi to
pay for my rental car. To date, they agreed to pick up the tab, but I have
yet to receive a check.
Debra Snell

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