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First post notes:
1. please use plain text when posting
2. nice to have another Finnish-named (at least) lister

Other notes:

Hey everyone, go easy on 914's, the car has a credible compettition
history considering the factory had a dilemma where they did not want
the "cheap" cousin whipping their mainstream 911 butt on the track as
well as its short lifespan as a production model.  I loved my 914 for
the time I had it, only wish I still had it.  Check out some PCA
autocrosses if you are not a believer.  Outside of the rust issue,
having much ($$) experience with both, I would not say that the 914 is
any worse or better than the UrQ as far as reliability goes, but it is
a much simpler car.  I would give my left n*t for a 3.6L 914 like the
one in the May issue of Excellence.  That would look right at home in
the garage beside the RS2-motored UrQ...

Jouko Haapanen

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First be gentle

Yes, the 914 can be a rusty can, but there are many good ones still
around (I'm selling my '73 so I can buy a quattro)....sorry you view
it as the worst car you've ever had...maybe a ride in a good one would
alter your opinion.

Money in pocket can be a key...I bought a 1953 MGTD in excellent shape
for $400 at a poker game (his rent money to stop eviction). Also
bought a 1960 150S Jaguar Drophead w/D Jag racing engine from
factory...triple Webers and for $400. Wife was mad at her husband
who'd gone to Alaska looking for work a year previous and never
returned...she just wanted it gone like him. Bought a 1929 Pontiac
Opera Coupe and a 1951 Pontiac Chieftain (both excellent...towed the
29 w/the 51 after a battery switch) for $100 and an afternoon's
conversation with the old lady that owned them. Deals are always there
for those who look...the guys that bought the above from me probably
feel they got great deals, as I sold them too cheap (in retrospect)
and wish I had all of them now...


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