Is an Audi a sports car?

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Fri May 25 16:10:57 EDT 2001

Way back in late 86 or early 87 Road and Track did a "four best sports cars
in the world".

One of them was a benz 300e....numberswise it was right in the hunt with
real sports cars of the time.

With a five speed and a little suspension/wheel work it is still a damn
competent car.


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> This debate has been going on since about 1950 at least in the US. It all
> depends on how one defines a sports car.
> There have been numerous articles in every mag from R&T to Mechanics
> Illustrated over the years titled "What is a Sports Car?" There was no
> in 1950 and wont be one in 2050 I bet.
> Who care what label other people put on your car. If you like it that's
> that matters.
> To me a "sports car" would have no roll up windows, but I have a 356 Coupe
> that, in anyone's book, would be considered a "sports car."
> I had a Testarossa that was slower of the mark than 5 L Mustangs. Some
> would consider the Mustang to be a sports car, but the TR weighed slightly
> less than a Kenworth and you couldn't fling it around corners like an MGA.
> So..... if one wants to call whatever car one owns a sports car, they
> It's their car and hell what anybody else thinks.
> Just 356 cents worth
> Ron
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