5ktq problems

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Sun May 27 03:50:16 EDT 2001

Andrew...  you still have that old heap!!!

Actually, I have bought and sold 3 type 44's since we last talked, but I 
still have an old '86 5ktq with high milage and it's fair share of problems...

>> 1)At startup the temp sensor light comes on and stays on, but
>> everything gauge wise seems to be fine.
>Low coolant level in the rad. expansion. tank, or the sensor in the tank is

Um, if it's the original, best to just replace the entire coolant overflow 
tank.  It's fairly common that they crack on the bottom with age and will 
leak coolant.  I've had this happen twice.  Not to mention they look awful 
after a few years and you can hardly see the coolant level.  I just replaced 
the expansion tank on my '86.  They are somewhat reasonable too, even from 
the Audi dealer.  About $30-35 if I remember.  Oh yea, and it comes with a 
new coolant level sensor built in.  Also a good time to flush and add some 
fresh coolant (I reccomend Sierra).

>> 2)In the first four gears under acceleration (mostly low
>> speed), the there is a grinding from what seems like
>> right below my feet.
>Have that checked _now_.  Sounds like either the ujoint in the middle of the
>driveshaft is in desparate need of lubing, or it may be already gone.  Used
>driveshafts are hard to find, new from dealer is $$$$, but contrary to the
>dealer they can be repaired.

There are a few items to check (wheel bearings maybe? and, or transmission 
mounts?)...  but, I think Steve may be right.  It's not uncommon for a prop 
shaft to go at this age.  Usually the center U-joint and carrier bearing.  
These can be rebuilt.  I have a number to a place in Colorado that many 
listers have had good luck with, but there may be somewhere closer to you in 
New England who can do it as well.  

>Some on the list have had luck just greasing the zerk fitting on the ujoint
>to make the noise go away.  Or it may be the carrier bearing, look for
>cracks/tearing in the rubber doughnut around the bearing.

This might be a good start.  You'll probably have to take it to a shop to 
have this done as bearing grease needs to be shot in there with the 
appropriate VW/Audi zerk fitting.  I have tried to lube one from under the 
car with a can of white lithum grease and a friend behind the wheel moving it 
back and forth till the little hole on the u-joint was lined up properly for 
me to get the little sprayer end in the hole.  That is a bit risky though... 
I don't reccomend it.  Doubt Audi would either.

Well Andrew... glad to see your back on the list!  I'm on the digest, but 
hardly read it anymore.

'94 S4 (Black/ecru)
'86 5ktq (aka "the beater")

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