driveshaft vibration help

TurboQtro at TurboQtro at
Sun May 27 04:28:26 EDT 2001

May I ask what shop your refering to?

Is it Driveline Service of Portland?

They supposedly do great work rebuilding and dynamically balancing 
driveshafts (big with the BMW crowd).

I've talked to them and they mentioned that Audi driveshafts are rather 
complicated, besides the fact that I've also heard (from other sources) that 
the center U-joint for a 200tq is very similar (if not the same) as a BMW 
535i.  I believe they've done them before, but didn't sound to excited about 
the prospects of doing more.  If they are changing thier tune and doing 
Quattro prop shafts, that would be great news.

'94 S4 (Black/ecru)
'86 5ktq (aka "the beater")

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