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Al Powell powellae at
Mon May 28 20:25:32 EDT 2001

I note that we continue to have many listers posting in HTML text.  I 
know that many of you using AOL would like to avoid this, but as 
usual, AOL has screwed things up and made it darn near impossible.  I 
got the following information from another list and offer it to those 
using AOL version 6.  The simple answer is not to use version 6, but 
to stay with earlier versions and send all email in plain text.
> >
> >For AOL users who need to send email to list-servers in plain text
> >(not with html tags).

> >AOL version 6 sends emails at RTF which places some html tags on 
> >emails. AOL knows the problem, is working on it, but has only this
> >solution which works. It makes more work but at least you can post
> >to this group. You must answer your email by going into the aol 
> >page. This would be similar to using another computer that does 
> >have aol installed and using another ISP. You go into the aol web
> >page at:

> >You give the information asked (like your screen name and 
> >-- then aol mail.

> >Your email appears and you just follow the usual prompts. It does
> >work. I haven't tested this yet but I would not highlight text
> >before reply but if necessary would cut and paste using the <  > 
> ><<   >> signs to bracket the prior message you are answering. This
> >may work out OK with mail but I am afraid to try. Good 

Sounds like a PITA to do, but perhaps it will solve a problem for 
someone. Hope AOL fixes this in their next version.  (I'm not holding 
my breath.  AOL seems to regard all its users as techo-idiots who 
need continual handholding and big brother to help them, which is not 
the case for many on this list.)

Al Powell
Fort Collins, CO
powellae at
cougfan1 at

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