wierd audi in junkyard and wheel bearing question

Simon Allcorn Simon.Allcorn at CARTESIAN.co.uk
Tue May 29 13:19:36 EDT 2001

Sounds about right, the only thing I would add is that later coupe quattros
(in the UK anyway) after about summer 87 (not sure of the exact date, but on
'E' reg) went from non-tor$en 2114 engine to torsen 2226 engine with
tappets. I only know this because my old quattro was a cq with tor$en.


P.S. anyone got any good idea's how to see which rear wheel bearing is shot
on my 80 quattro ? 
The normal 2wd method of lifting 1 driven wheel of the ground in turn and
turing it with the engine to see which is noiser can't be used (it's got a

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> Hi all,
> Here are some facts about the cq:
> - built from 01-85 till 05-88
> - number of cars made: 7,786
> - NOT sold in the US
> The differences to the CGT:
> - twin exhaust (like UrQ)
> - same rear window (with the quattro-logo in the wiring) as the UrQ
> - quattro-logo's on both the rear-side windows, also on the boot.
> - and of course quattro (no Torsen).
> An option was the digi-dash, the same as the UrQ.
> The only engine available is the 2226cc 136bhp like the CGT, so
> performance
> is also CGT-like (202km/h, 0-100 9.0sec). Weight is 1200kg.
> And, because it's only sold on this side of the ocean, it has the
> Euro-spec
> headlights, smoked taillights and bumpers.
> HTH!
> Ferry Stolp
> ACGN - Audi Coupe Club Holland - www.acgn.nl

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