wierd audi in junkyard etc......

F. Stolp fstolp at dds.nl
Tue May 29 15:13:51 EDT 2001

> Sounds about right, the only thing I would add is that later coupe
> (in the UK anyway) after about summer 87 (not sure of the exact date, but
> 'E' reg) went from non-tor$en 2114 engine to torsen 2226 engine with
> tappets. I only know this because my old quattro was a cq with tor$en.
Ah well, this could vary from country to country.
At least in Holland the cq was (afaik) only av. with the 2226cc non-Torsen.

Talking about strange/rare Audis:
Did you guys know that in '83 there was a Coupe in Germany available with a
4-cil 1.6 engine??
It's not a GT but it was called 'Coupe GL' (till '84, from '85 it was called
just plain 'Coupe')
There were only 992 made, so they're quit rare. Ok, the question is: do you
want one? I would!! (because of it's rarity).

That's why my daily driver is an '85 4-cil 1.8 Coupe (GL) which of course
never made it to the US.
(pics&specs: http://www.sls.wau.nl/fstolp/acgn/stolp2-uk.htm)
The CGL isn't that rare, but I've never seen one with the '85-style bumpers
like the CGT. All the GL's I've ever seen are pre-85's.

Funny all those different variations of enginetypes.

Ferry Stolp, Holland
'85 UrQ
'85 Coupe (GL)

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