90 CQ Question

Doug Van Auken dougv at home.com
Tue May 29 21:28:06 EDT 2001

Hello, I would like a solution for the water leak in  90 CQ.I have
determined that the passenger door bottom and the plastic trim cover
that sits on top of the bottom jam is the passage into the car. There
seems to be something missing or perhaps out of alignment, maybe the
rubber gasket is deformed? What happens while sitting still or moving is
the water seems to drip from the bottom of the door panel on to and
between the rubber gasket and plastic trim cover. I'm not sure exactly
how the water is getting there though. It might help to see photos of
what other jam arrangements are to see if all the proper pieces are
there. Additionally, the jam seems to act as a passage way for water, I
think at least that is my impression. If so, is there an additional
gasket at the bottom of the door panel? I know some will look at this
and say nothing others aren't sure any help would be helpful. Doug

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