It seemed like a good day...

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no, it's the one at the back of the block.  illustration 101-9 in the fa
(#049 919 501).  it is usually called the "thermo switch" (f61).  not to be
confused with the turbo coolant pump termo switch, or the coolant
temperature sensor (g62)...

for the thermo switch, the test is to remove the connector and connect a dmm
between the contact of the switch and the housing.  below 79 degrees c, you
should get an open circuit, above 85 degrees c, it should be closed.

the multi-function sensor is used for the display and other things.

there are also a series of tests for the cold start injector which you might
want to look at if the thermo switch checks out ok...

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q
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Who wants to bet thnat this is the problem?
Or maybe I should say _was the original_ problem. I've just tried starting
the car again -figured that after 2 hours flooded plugs would have dried
off - disconnected the cold start valve just in case and turned the engine
over. It nearly jumped off its mountings, awful noise so I stopped. Pulled
all of the plugs - all of the plugs appeared to be dry but then I checked
the cylinders #2 is dry, all the others have got fuel in them - loads of
fuel, the piston depressions are full to overflowing. No wonder it was
noisy, it was trying to compress liquid fuel.
Sh*t. Just what I don't need - its only been back on the road since
One thing that I noticed but didn't mention earlier, is that the fuel pump
seemed to be working overtime as soon as I switched the ignition on.

1. How did all that fuel get there? Cold start valve or are the injectors

2. What are the chances that this attempt to start the engine has bent a rod
or two?

3. Now what do I do?

I assume that the coolant sensor reffered to by code 2312 is the big
multi-function sensor #034 919 369 C?

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