Brake rotors

Jorgen Karlsson jorgen.m.karlsson at
Wed May 30 05:00:37 EDT 2001

Interesting, the oem audi rear pads seem to shave through my brembo rotors
like butter. Since I installed the combination the disks are 2mm thinner and
the pads is only 2mm thinner then stock.

By the way, who manufactures the stock front disks for the S8 and A8?


> --- larry leung <l.leung at> wrote:
> > Don't know if the rotors for your 5KQ are the same
> > as for the 200Qs (do you have ATE or Girling G60
> > front calipers?) but I HAVE Brembo front rotors
> > (don't like them, they've warped in heavy street
> > driving and an occasional autocross, and I'm really
> > conscious about not leaving my foot on the brake
> > after a hard stop and I try to keep moving too.)
> > ATE's are also availible, and slotted ATE's are
> > availible from Double Z motors in Fishkill (see
> > Vendor list, as for Pete, who is a lister).
> >
> > LL - NY
> >
> I also bought Brembos, ONCE!  I cryo-cooked the sh*t
> out of them.  The surface metal actually peeled off.
> Now am using Ate "atom-grooved" on fronts and
> Zimmerman solids on rear.  I am very happy so far.
> They are around $40-50 for fronts and about $22-25 for
> rears.(I think)
> Jim Accordino

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